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Shenzhen Polar Vision Technology Co., Ltd.

Solemn Commitment:

1. All products sold by our company are guaranteed for one year, free maintenance during the warranty period (except for malfunctions or damage caused by human factors or irresistible natural phenomena).
2 Users can consult technical questions through after-sales calls and get a clear solution.
After-sales service phone: 0755-27804948
3. The company promises the above warranty service when the user has a performance failure during normal use.
4 During the warranty period, paid maintenance services will be implemented in the following cases;
1) damage caused by man-made or irresistible natural phenomena;
2) malfunction or damage caused by improper operation;
3) Failure or damage due to modification, disassembly, and assembly of the product.

Service Purposes

Drive by technology, survive by quality
Technical Support:
One-stop service concept 
According to the needs of customers, help to select the right LCD screen and related accessories, so that customers can choose to display a series of products required, and provide display solutions such as modularization and terminalization;

Meet the needs of personalized service services 
Try to meet the individual needs of customers, customize personalized functions, etc., and cooperate with customers to provide relevant technical information through relevant tests required;
Create tracking files for customers 
Create files for customers and record a series of problems that occur during the use of our products to facilitate tracking and analysis of problems in the future.